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The arts and culture

The term culture comes from the Latin root cultura or cultus, which means "to inhabit, inculcate, or honor."

Locations and geography

Eratosthenes was the first person to propose "geography" (275-195 B.C.). Geological research has four historical traditions.

Fitness and health

It is the individual's ability or society to adjust and self-manage when confronted with physical, psychological, or societal inequalities in humans.

History and current events

The term history is derived from the Greek historia, which means "a record of one's investigations," and shares the same roots as the English word story, which means "narrative."

Human endeavors

Anthropogenic activities are the numerous actions that people perform for recreation, survival, or requirement. It includes, for example, leisure, entertainment, sector, amusement, war, and exercise.

Logic and mathematics

It progressed from going to count, computation, quantification, and the careful study of the shapes and movements of material things through the use of the abstract concept and rational thought.

Sciences of nature and physics

Natural science in science refers to reasoned research as the study of the universe that is understood to follow natural rules or laws.

Individuals and oneself

A collection of people is frequently used to refer to a broad group, such as all humans, an ethnicity, or a country. From his or her point of view, an individual is a self.

Philosophy and thought

As a topic and an interaction, philosophy has just as many meanings as there have been thinkers, and no single standard can do it justice.

Religions and religious belief systems

Religious ideology is the practice of adhering to enshrined in law beliefs and rituals that typically involve a belief in a higher power and the study of hereditary ancestor's traditions, awareness, and intellect related to human life.

The social sciences and society

A civilization is a group of people working together to form a semi-closed scheme. At its most basic, civilization refers to a large group of people who share a common society and institutions.

Applied sciences and technology

Technology is a broad concept that includes a biota's use and understanding of techniques and crafts, as well as how it impacts a placental mammal's ability to control and make adjustments to its surroundings.

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